'67 Chevy C10
Sleeper Hot Rod Truck
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A new 10.5 to 1 CR 540 c.i. engine was built using "out of the box" Dart Pro1 345cc heads, Eagle crank and rods, Speed Pro forged pistons, Jesel Sportsman rockers, Comp solid roller cam, CSR electric water pump, Weind Team G converted to EFI, Billet Fabrications oil pan and Tital oil pump. MSD handles the ignition chores with 8.5mm wires and 6AL box and coil. The balancer is        ATI internal.
Components mocked up  and getting ready for header fabrication.
The stock motor mounts on the C10 are big and roomy enough to pass a 2 1/4" header tube through, but it was decided not to go that route. It was easier to go above the mounts.
Passenger side header tack welded ready for disassembly and tig welding.
3 1/2" collector is reduced to 3" with a reducer. 
Headers were assembled using a Lemons 2 1/4" weld up kit. The flanges were cut into individual pieces so the header could be assembled and disassembled for obvious reasons.
The semi-finished driver's header. Note the 6 lug rotor hub was later converted to 5 lug Chevy Truck for a set of '70 model factory ralley wheels with trim rings and center caps.
An underside view of the  headers before coating. Note the Precision Industries 9" torque converter and deep aluminum transmission oil pan.
An underside view of the exhaust system with headman X-pipe and Magnaflow "type" 3 inch mufflers. The entire exhaust system was ceramic coated.
Instead of going all the way out the back, turn downs were used due to the tight area at ride height between the Early Classic stainless gas tank and the panhard bar on the driver's side. Note the installed Currie Enterprises bolt in 9 inch Ford rear housing containing Currie 31 spline axles and Detroit Locker differential. The gears are 3.70.
An underside view of the headers after coating.