'67 Chevy C10
Sleeper Hot Rod Truck
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This is a trick stainless steel battery box that lowers giving access to the battery. It locks in place when raised.
Denny's heavy duty aluminum drive shaft was chosen for the twisting chores. It's much lighter than steel but tuff enough to handle the 540's torque and the weight of the heavy C10.
The photo on the right shows the F.A.S.T. harness just before it was installed. It was routed through the firewall and under the carpet to the ECU which was mounted under the bench seat in the location shown in the photo on the left.
The collector on the driver's side interfered with the transmission linkage. The simplest solution was to modify it as shown in the before and after photos above. The arm was cut and moved to the coupler and the shift rod was bent to accomodate. The bracket on the frame at the right of the system was also rotated out of the way. 
The Currie 9 inch rear housing was ordered with disc brakes which are a Ford Explorer application. The emergency brake is a drum type system incorporated in the hat and rotor. It was adapted to the factory emergency brake system. The rear tires are Mickey Thompson P315/60R15 Drag Radials.
Nearing completion, the engine sits waiting for the accessories to be finished. Power steering, brakes, and A/C prove that this truck was meant for the street. Note the 3 1/2 quart Canton Accu-Sump on the Driver's fender. It has an electric valve that activates with activation of the fuel pump. It has two purposes, priming the engine before start up and maintaining oil pressure should oil move suddenly away from the oil pump momentarily.
The throttle body is a Full Throttle Performance 1500 cfm unit with progressive linkage. Pump, filter and regulator are Aeromotive. Vintage Air provides the cool atmosphere in the cab.
Throttle cable bracket and regulator bracket were custom fabricated. The OEM A/C and alternator brackets were soon replaced by a March Serpentine system. Canton AccuSump keeps oil pressure steady across the finish line. Radiator of choice is Ron Davis. There are no cooling problems.
No longer the anemic "turd" as it once was, this Corvette spankin' Saleen slappin' Sleeper C10 belted out 540 RWHP on a chassis dyno using pump gas. Though it hasn't been tested at the track yet Keith and I both agree that it runs like a scalded ape. In fact he's already won over 10K in grudge (read street) races against a number of unsuspecting victims, some of which run low 11's. That'll put a grin on anybody's face!
The finished engine compartment is shown to the right.
GZ Motorsports vacuum pump sucks the air out of the crankcase.  Pump bracket is a custom fabricated part.
Aftermarket power steering pump with March pullies and serpentine system are shown to the left.