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This is an Enderly Pontiac for Pontiac 427 Pro Stock heads. Stands were fabricated and mounted to existing threaded holes. Injector holes were opened up to allow for electronic injectors.
These are before and after photos of a SBC Brodix HVH intake done for the dragster of Bill Taylor, of Bill Taylor Enterprises (BTE). 
This is another Pro Action intake done for legendary baseball "Hall of Famer", and PSCA (Pacific Street Car Association) sponsor, Reggie Jackson of Reggie Jackson's Performance.
Pro Action SBC
This intake is a SBC Dart that was converted to EFI and plumbed for a NOS dry fogger 2 stage system. This is a tight package and required the injectors to be turned to the inside.
This intake is a Big Block Ford Edelbrock Victor 460 that was converted to EFI. The nitrous bosses were saved so no changes were necessary to the customers nitrous plumbing.
Big Block Ford Edelbrock Victor 460
This intake is a Small Block Ford Edelbrock Victor Jr. 351w that was converted to EFI.
Small Block Ford Edelbrock Victor Jr. 351W
This one is for a Buick 455.
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The tall Bow Tie intake is a good candidate for conversion with the tall plenum that gives plenty of room to fasten the rails.
This 18 degree SBC Edelbrock High Port was done for Comp Cams for use on their dyno for R&D purposes.
These two Pro Actions were done a little differently. In order to keep the injectors out of the port, the rails were positioned too high to mount to the plenum directly. Mounting platforms were made and welded to position the rail correctly. Top is a 4150 style and below is a 4500 style.
Pro Action SBC 4150
Pro Action SBC 4500
Bow Tie SBC
Buick 455
Dart SBC
Dart SBC
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Hogan 731
This Hogan for a 731 was converted from mechanical injection to EFI. The bungs were placed where the mechanical bungs used to be so there would be no indication of what was there before.

Edelbrock RPM Air Gap
Dart BBC with Wilson elbow and spacer.
Chrysler Hemi Dual 4 conversion.
Cadillac Boogie Man
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